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Five Eucalyptus Oil Hacks

Five Eucalyptus Oil Hacks

 Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most versatile out there, and we love discovering new ways to use it. We have five essential oil uses you may not have heard of before — and even if you have heard of them, these tricks may be the reminder you need to incorporate eucalyptus essential oil into your regular routine.


Make vacuuming fun

    We love this tip from Thursday Plantation Canada user, Minna! She puts a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil into the vacuum cleaner filter and then when she vacuums it gives off a “lovely clean and fresh smell.” Having a clean house feels great and adding eucalyptus oil to the mix makes it even better. Dare we say this could even make you excited to vacuum?


    Get a caffeine-free energy boost

      It’s one of those days where it’s not even 10 a.m. and you’re already on your fourth shot of espresso and still could go back to bed. Or maybe you’re trying to cut back on caffeine. Or you’ve gone out to lunch, come back to the office, and suddenly find yourself longing for a nap. Hey, we’ve all been there. But you don’t need a steady IV of coffee to keep yourself perked up — all you need is some eucalyptus oil.

      Eucalyptus oil’s woodsy scent can help wake you up and — bonus — feel refreshed. And if you’re feeling foggy due to congestion or a stuffy nose, breathing in some eucalyptus scent can help clear your sinuses, which will also give you that much-needed energy boost.

      If you don’t have a diffuser handy, try putting a couple drops on the rug around your office desk, or place some into an empty wine glass or brandy snifter. It will evaporate over the day.


      Ultimate stress and joint pain relief

        Eucalyptus oil is great for relieving tired/achy joints, especially when warm water is involved. There are many ways to incorporate eucalyptus into your morning/night routine.

        If you’re relaxing in the tub, add two to eight drops (0.1ml – 0.4ml) of undiluted eucalyptus oil with the same amount of shampoo or liquid soap before adding it to the bath. Mix the water gently. For maximum benefit, remain in the bath for 10 minutes. Use two drops of undiluted essential oil the first time and increase by one drop per bath up to a maximum of eight drops. Use once daily. 

        Only have time for a shower? You can still reap the relaxing benefits. Put two to five drops of Eucalyptus oil on the shower floor and the scent will help calm you down (just be careful where you put them and watch your step — falling in the shower is definitely not relaxing!). You can also put the eucalyptus essential oil drops on a cloth and put the cloth on the shower floor — just keep it out of the direct stream of water so it doesn’t volatize too quickly.


        Silence a cough

           If there’s a tickle in your throat you just can’t nix, eucalyptus oil could do the trick. For direct inhalation, apply between one to six drops (0.05ml – 0.3ml) of undiluted essential oil to a handkerchief/tissue and inhale occasionally. You can do so up to three times per day.Eucalyptus Oil for Cough & Cold

          You can also use steam inhalation. Add between three to 12 drops (0.15ml – 0.6ml) of undiluted essential oil to a bowl of steaming water/facial steamer. Inhale slowly and deeply for 5-10 minutes.


          Remove Stubborn Stickers

            Save your manicure! A couple drops of eucalyptus oil on a cloth can remove even the most stuck on of labels. And you don’t have to spend your whole evening standing in the kitchen picking at sticky glue.

            Thursday Plantation Canada’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil is free from SLS, parabens, synthetics and fillers. It’s a guaranteed unaltered, 100% pure oil!

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